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Mindray Chemiluminescence CL-1200i

CL-1200i is a robust and simple-to-use chemiluminescence analyzer with a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour. Though in a small benchtop package, it has a large onboard capacity of 25 reagents and 60 samples, and supports non-stop refill of samples, reagents and consumables during testing. By integrating the reliable CLIA technology with latest electrical and software improvement, CL-1200i enables easy operation and brings confident diagnosis faster than ever.
??One of the fastest benchtop chemiluminescence analyzers

??Large onboard capacity in a small benchtop package

??Swing arm and touch screen for easy operation

??Non-stop sample loading and off-loading

Mindray Chemiluminescence CL-900i


CLIA uses two important technologies, one is labeling technologu which determines raction mode; and the other is separation technology which determines the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of the reagents.
The Mindray CL-900i?is one of the smallest fully automatic chemiluminescence immunology analyzers, harmoniously combining?relatively?high work?capacity?and?fast test speed?in a compact device, thus achieving a?perfect balance?between size and performance.


High loading capacity
Continuous loading of samples
Carousel of reagents with constant refrigeration
Vortex mixing of reagent solutions, eliminating the risk of contamination
Intelligent liquid level detection, clot detection, protection against vertical and horizontal collisions
Liquid reagents, ready to use
Disposable plastic cuvettes

Mindray CL ? 2000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

A floor-standing, fully automatic, chemiluminescence immunoassay system offering up to 240 tests per hour with ALP-AMPPD principle.
High test throughput up to 240 T/H
Large capacity for sample (300 sample positions) and reagent processing (36 reagent positions)
User-friendly software interface
Flexible connection with BS-800M/BS-2000M chemistry system

Wondfo Finecare


Finecare? FIA Meter Plus is a fluorescence immunochromatographic analyzing system with internal temperature control, which can help diagnose conditions such as infection, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal injury and cancers, etc.