Operating Lights

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HyLED 7 Series LED Surgical Lights

330? rotatable integrated HD & SD camera
Perfectly integrated into Laminar Flow

HyLED 8600 LED Surgical Lights

Long-lasting LED technology for more than 40,000 hours of continuous operation.
Trigon-shaped design for excellent laminar low compatibility.
2 mega-pixel HD camera for high-performance video system.

HyLED 9 Series LED Surgical Lights AICS (Automatic Illumination Control System)

HyLED has four sensors that are able to detect if the head of the clinician obscures any area of the light-head and automatically adjust the light intensity in the remaining areas.
The result is a consistent level of illumination that requires no manual adjustment of the light intensity.
HyLED 9 Series is a high-end surgical light that features the innovative AICS function and a laminar airlow compatible design. Its adjustable light diameter as well as variable levels of light intensity and color temperature make it the optimal lighting solution for all surgical disciplines.

TS-OL040 MOT-070

4 Reflector Operation
Light on Castors

TS-OL040 MOT-080

Operation Light
4 Reflectors on Castors with backup

TS-OL060 12-Reflector Ceiling Mounted MOT-110

Glass Reflectors
Illuminance: 80000~120000Lx
Color Temperature: 4300? 200K
Color rendering index: Ra? 90
Dia of light spot: 100-300mm
Mains Voltage: ~230V60Hz; ~220V50Hz; ~110V60Hz
Rated Voltage: 24V
Rated Power Of Bulb: 25W

TS-OL060 5-Reflector Ceiling Mounted MOT-090

illuminance: ?50,000Lux
Colour temperature: 4000?500K
Power supply voltage: AC 220V/ 50-60 Hz
Rated voltage of bulb: 24V
Rated power of bulb:25W
Input power: 120VA
Lowest height of installation: 2900mm
Bulb: Cold light source

TS-OL080 9-Reflector Ceiling Mounted

Light intensity ? 100000Lx at 1m distance
Color Temperature : 4000+ 500K
Color rendering index : Ra ?90
Main Voltage : AC110V/220V + 22V, 50/60Hz
Rated Voltage of Bulb : 24V
Rated Power of Bulb : 25W