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Cadmus Model:CAD5+

ST-3603(15 type), The latest model in Coredeep dental product family with modern European design and exquisite engineering. Design by European designer with a well-proportioned and pleasing shape to meet your individual requirements during your practice. Integrated ErgoMotion ensures the patient comfort. Convenient hands-free operation, flexible configuration possibilities and intuitive chair positioning. The solution for all your everyday needs integrating safety, ergonomic operation and configuration variety.
Standard Accessories

T hree way syringe, for cold and hot 1 PC each

urified water bottle 1 PC

Powerful suction and saliva ejector 1 set each

Silence DC motor 2 PC

D C X-film viewer 1 set

Ceramic cuspidor 1 set

Operation light 1 set

Assistant stoo
Technical Spec:

Power supply:220V,50Hz/60Hz
Air pressure:>0.55MPa
Water pressure:0.2~0.4MPa


Work Unit Control Panel Assistant Unit Control Panel Dentist Work Unit With drop-proof angle and can be equipped with up to 5 instruments including scaler and handpieces.

Assistant Unit 4 holders assistant unit with anteroposterior position design equipped with standard syringe,

saliva ejector and strong suction , also can be optional equipped with curing light. Ceramic Cuspidor

Enameled ceramic is safe and easy to use. Removable ceramic cuspidor bowl makes theinfection control and cleaning simple and fast.

Built-out and independent filter for each suction hose for better performance and easy cleaning.
Option accessories

Intra Oral camera system TOP mounted High speed air turbine handpiece Low speed air motor handpiece LED curing light Scaler
Assistant Element

Standard Con?guration:

Suction filter system

Position 1: three way syringe

Position 2: HVE

Position 3: saliva ejector


Assistant control panel

NU FONA Dental Chairs- Expert

With backrest and seat safety system as well as the last chair memory position, the latest S series from Nu-FONA not only continue its heritage, but also enhance in both safe and convenient treatment operations.
Water Unit Standard Configuration:

Superb suction efficiency All suction systems available Air Venturi Wet Suction Semi-Wet Suction Dry suction (S model) New innovative suction filters Removable cup filler and cuspidor rinse Water Heater Air Venturi System Air Water Separator
Patient Chair Standard Configuration:

Deluxe Upholstery and Headrest Unified Upholstery interface Left Armrest always included Introducing new soft Upholstery Fresh colors Comfort stool
Dentist Element Standard Configuration:

Both Hanging and Whip Arm version Ergonomic regulation of spray and scaler power on side of Dentist Element New ?Baustein? valves made in Germany
Assistant Element Standard Configuration:

Different versions available ? 1,2,4 instruments positions Full Flexibility Great Access to patient
Technical Specs:

Operating Light

LED or Halogen

Chair movement synchronized with light OFF/ON
Monitor arm integrated in Light Arm
Freely rotatable
Nu-FONA Intra-Oral camera
White LCD Monitor
USB Connection to Computer
Complete Multimedia Solution