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Basic Life Support Equipments
Ventilation and airway equipment, heart monitoring and defibrillation, immobilization devices, bandages, communication devices, obstetrical kits, miscellaneous medical equipment such as a sphygmomanometer with pediatric, adult, and plus-sized cuffs, a stethoscope, height and weight measuring devices, thermometers, cold packs, blankets, transport chairs, and lubricant are required.

Non-latex infection control like nitrile gloves, facemasks, gowns,and disinfectant solution for equipment are required.

Injury prevention equipment inside an ambulance should include seatbelts, a fire extinguisher, and traffic signaling devices.
The Advanced Life Equipments

Support list includes all the above items and several more, including advanced airway and ventilation equipment, vascular access equipment, pre-loaded medications for cardiac conditions, allergies, epilepsy, and pain-killers. It can include other and more extensive drugs and equipment depending on individual medical director recommendation.
Optional equipment

Pulse Oximeter
Syringe Pump and Infusion Pump
Long Backboard, Scoop Stretcher, Chair Stretcher and Pole Stretcher
Central Suction ystem with Vacuum Outlet and One Liter Jar
AC/DC Power Supply with 12V into 220V
Inverter and 220V Outlet
Battery Charger and Inlet Installed on the Body with Connecting Cable