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More power toyou.
MAGNETOM? Symphony? and Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology -a perfect combination or patient-friendliness and fast scanning capabilities.

5T, 60-cm MR system incorporating Tim technology
Available in an 18- or 32-channelcongregation
Expands upon the Symphony applications, adding additional inline processing such as Inline Di?usion or automated ADC mapping

Nine Tim application suitesstandard, including cardiac,pediatric, and breast

Fully integrated coildesign
Lightweight (patient-friendly), scalable coils part of the standard congregation

The Siemens Sensation 16

The Siemens Sensation 16 Slice CT is one of the most
widely-used multi-slice, whole-body CT scanners on the market. With the ability to perform 3D whole body and cardiac exams with exceptional image quality, the Siemens Sensation 16 isan
excellent choice for imaging centers without the budget to buy new.
The Siemens Sensation 16-Slice CT matures RRealtime MPR CT Angio, 2D Post Processing,? 3D? Display, Syngo Shaded Display(SSD),
Volume Measurements, and Volume Rendering Technique.
42 Second Rotation Speed Dura Akron Tube ? 5.3 MHU Navigator Console
Wizard Work Station 18? Flat Screen Monitors Air Cooled System Syngo UserInterface