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Edan Blood Gas Analyzer


Being a leading enterprise of this industry, we are offering a huge range of?I15 Blood Gas Analyzer.
Other details:

POCT system for Blood Gas, Electrolyte, Biochemical analysis
FDA approved system
Auto sampling method avoids sampling errors
Innovative microchip technology and micro sensor multi function membrane technology
Single use cartridge to avoid reagent contamination
Liquid calibrator calibrating each cartridge, before sampling
Easy protocol without any maintenance steps
Temperature correction for the sample results
Sample type entry for different samples
Up to 10000 sample result memory
Fully charged battery can perform up to 50 samples
Electronic simulator to check the quality of the system
Calibrator and Control ensure the quality of the results
Multi-parameter cartridge helps to manage the time and inventory
10 parameters provided in single cartridge includes Lactate, Calcium, pH, pO2, pCO2, Hct, Cl, Na, K, GlU, Anion Gap etc.
Sample volume 140 ul
Color LCD with touch screen
1 minute for results, after sample aspiration
LAN/Wifi connectivity with LIS
Built in printer for results