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AOHUA Aq100 Imaging System

AQ-100 equipped with high-resolution module (1280*1024) and CBI capabilities to provide the best possible image quality for endoscopes. Enhancing the observation of capillaries and mucosal issues.

(HBE) Hemoglobin enhancement
(CBI) Compound Band Imaging
Fully digital AQ SYSTEM processor
Electronic magniication
(ENH) Outline enhancement

AOHUA VME-2800 Imaging System

To provide image processing functions and igure and blood vessels enhancement functions which increases e ciency of clinical diagnosis of diseases.
Auto White balance adjustment function.Image brightness and color adjustment function. Images frozen and picture in picture function.Figure and Blood vessels enhancement function. Peak and average metering light Shift function.

DVI Digital Signal
Blood Vessels Enhancement
150W Xenon Lamp