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CA-MI Eolo Nebulizer

EOLO is an electrically fed compressor with aerosol therapy atomiser
The instrument is designed for

easy transport and handling and is recommended for atomizing antibiotics and bronchodilator drugs.

Omron CompA.I.R Pro

Water protected switch
Energy efficient system
V.V.T. nebulizer technology
Convenient holder for Nebulizer Kit
Handy carry bag
Handy shaped Nebulizer Chamber
Easy to attach and detach tube connectors

Omron Compressor Nebulizer

With Omron V.V.T. (Virtual Valve Technology) nebulizer kit, for efficient delivery of medication without silicon valve
Compact, travel convenient (with Battery Pack)
High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration
Leaves minimal residual medication.
Easy to operate and maintain, with easy-to-clean nebulizer kit without silicon valves.

Omron Nebulizer

Low noise
Fine Mist
Small particle size
Light weight