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Quintessential erformance and Reliability

Four walls with optimied slot depths or impro?ed rotaaation and fast tooth movement
Stainless steel 17-4 metal-injection molded onsstructionor strength and durability

A Quantum Leap in Efficiency

Horizontal and verti al auxiliary slots for greater versaatility
Rhomboid-shaped bracket and pad and verti al scribe line for smile arc enhancement

Quick and Easy Wire Changes

Innovati e SpinTek? slide with chamfered lingual leading edge? facilitates easy slide closure and wire engagement

Quality Comfort & Aesthetics

Small bracket sizes with smooth, rounded corners help prevent? occlusal interference while offering greater comfort and aestheetics

Ormco Mini-Twin 10 Kits Mini 2000

The Mini-Twin brings a rhomboid design to a Straight-Wire appliance system. Thirty percent smaller than a standard Twin, the Mini-Twin is designed to give you the control you demand in an appliance that is more esthetic and comfortable for your patients.
Mini-Twin appliances feature Ultra-Lock high-retention pads on both upper and lower bicuspids, providing increased bonding surface and minimizing bond failure.The vertical scribe line aligns precisely with the crown-long axis, simplifying accurate bracket placement. As is the case with all Straight-Wire Appliances, the arch wire slot of Mini-Twin appliances is engineered to align with the horizontal axis of the tooth.
Mini-Twins are available in Andrews and Roth* prescriptions, and are fully interchangeable with any other Straight-Wire Appliance system.
Options include hooks/no hooks, gingival offsets on bicuspids, super torque on upper anteriors and surgical sets