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Mindray BeneView T1

Powerful Monitoring Functions

With its wide range of monitoring functions, the BeneView T1 is suitable for patients at all levels of acuity. During transport, it also supports advanced parameters, such as PiCCO and EtCO2.
Smart and Compact Design

Weighing less than 1kg, the T1 is extremely compact and portable. The intuitive touch screen interface complies with the BeneView platform and simple to learn and operate. The display features automatic brightness control to ensure optimum data visibility under a variety of lighting conditions.
Seamless Data Transfer

The T1 guarantees the continuity of patient data during transport. When removed from the BeneView bedside monitor, the T1 automatically connects through Wi-Fi to the central monitoring station. All data collected during patient transport is synchronized when the T1 is connected again to a BeneView bedside monitor.

Mindray BeneView T1/T5/T8

Your Sophisticated Information Manager for Critical Care
Optimized Visibility and Usability

The high-resolution colour touch screen display ofers exceptional visibility for all critical parameters. Customizable quick keys allow for direct access to every function.
Improved Data Management

Extensive data storage and management capabilities let caregivers conveniently review, export and manipulate all patient information. Advanced calculation tools provide efective diagnostic support.
Advanced Information Platform

BeneView features advanced connectivity options and can be quickly integrated with other patient monitors, the central monitoring system as well as with the HIS and CIS. Information can also be retrieved directly from other critical care devices, such as anaesthesia machines or ventilators.

Mindray Central Monitoring System

Powerful Networking Capability

The Hypervisor VI, supports up to 32 bedside patient monitors in the standard coniguration. The ADT module supports admission, discharge and transfer of patients while reducing the risk of transcription errors. The CMS Viewer function allows access to the patient monitoring system by the internet.
Flexible and Adaptive Structure

The system supports up to four displays and can be quickly adjusted according to the user requirements. Up to four remote displays and the CMS Viewer function allows clinicians view patient monitoring information when and where they want.
Intuitive Operation

Bi-directional controls between the Hypervisor VI and bedside monitors reduce clinician workloads and improve efficiency. The intuitive tabular menu is easy to learn and requires little training