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Baby Scale hanging Type

Technology: mechanical
Display type: dial indicating
Weighing capacity: Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)
Max.: 25 kg (55.12 lb)
Accuracy: 100 g (3.53 oz)

Seca 210

Mobile measuring mat for babies and toddlers

Mobile measuring mat for babies and toddlers

Measuring range: 10 ? 99 cm / 4 ? 39 inch
Graduation Length: 5 mm / 1/4 inch
Functions: Mobile measuring / Wall fastening essential/possible

Seca 212

Measuring tape for head circumference of babies and toddlers.

Hygienic disposable measuring tape of non-stretch Teflon material.
Double function: head circumference with the front side of the tape and facial symmetry with the rear side.
Easy-to-read, colour-coded precise results.
Practical dispenser (content: 15 tapes).
Scale from 1 to59 cm

Seca 310

Hanging dial Scale for Infants Dial Type 25kg
Suspension hooks are made of gal?ani?ed steel and are extremely durable and safe.

Capacity: 15 or 25 kg

Graduation: 25 or 50 g

Dimensions: (WxHxD) ? ? 220 *275 *45 mm

Weight: 1.14 kg ; Easy to read due to precision knife edge pointer and large scale ?ith a diameter of 18 cm

Seca 312

. Capacity:5 kg / 11 lbs

. Graduation: 25 g /1 oz

. Functions: reset-to-zero function

.Optional: set of 5 pieces sling seat seca 410, carrying case seca 411 offers 3 color indicationsto easily IdeniWy the babies weight category: 0.0? 2.0 kg red (severe malnutrition), 2.0 ? 2.5 kg yellow i(malnutrition), 2.5 ?5.0 kg green (normal weight).

Seca 334 Mobile Electronic Baby Scale (with Height Meter)

Capacity: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Graduation Weight: 0,2 oz < 22 lbs > 0,5 oz
Power supply: Bateries / Optional Power Adaptor
Functions: kg/lbs switch-over / BMIF / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-of / TARE

Seca 354 Electronic Baby Scale

with fine graduation also usable as flat scale for chilfdre

Capacity: 20 kg
Graduation Weight: 10 g
Weight: 5 lbs / 2,3 kg
Power supply: Batteries
20,7 x 3,1 x 9,8 inch dimensions tray
Functions: kg/lbs switch-over/ BMIF / Auto-HOLD/Automatic switch-of / TARE

seca 374

The baby scale that conveys a feeling of security

Weighing tray with high side walls for increased safety
Weighing and measuring in one step thanks to optional length measuring rod
Three-step damping for fast weighing
Large tray is suitable for weighing toddlers while sitting
Medical-grade seca scale technology with precise graduation
Optional measuring rod seca 233 expands scale into a measuring station.

Seca 416

I nfantometer for measuring babies and toddlers in the hospital

Measuring range: 33 ? 100 cm / 13 ? 39 inch
Graduation Length: 1 mm / 1/16 inch

Seca 725

Mechanical baby scales with sliding weights

. Capacity: 16 kg

. Graduation Weight: 5g

. Functions: Reset-to-zero function
The reset-to-zero function guara tees reliable determination of net weig ht by simply deducting the extra weight of padding or diaper.


Wooden Measuring Board Anthro Board

Type: Floor Scale
Power Supply: manual
Display Type: Indicator

SP-423 Wooden Measuring Board Anthro Board

Type: Floor Scal
Power Supply: manual
Display Type: Indicator