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Haier HR30-IIA2

Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinet HR30-IIA2 has a world famous HEPA/ULPA filter which means the air filtering is cleaner. This safety cabinet has an independent high-efficiency?motor to supply air, compensate filter membrane etc. automatic pressure compensation and has a flow rate of <10%. The?HR30-IIA2 has a uniform downdraft, high-speed inflow, sample and user in the safe environment. Benefits ULPA filtration system Intelligent alarm Airflow blocking patent Electrical leakage protection Specifications HR30-IIA2 Working voltage and frequency 220V?10%,50?1 Hz Power (VA) 1300 Power of blower (W) 350 Airflow circulation 220/50 Main filter typical efficiency ULPA,99.9995%@0.12??m Exhaust filter typical efficiency ULPA,99.9995%@0.12??m Downflow velocity (m/s) 0.3

Haier HR40-IIA2

Product Specification

Class II

Product Type
Type A2



Interior Dimensions
1200*610 *680 mm

Overall dimensions
1360*780 *2200 mm

UV light
Greater Than 30w

Less than 62dB(A)

Greater Than 800Lx

Inflow Air Velocity
Greater Than 0.6m/s

Downflow Air Velocity
Greater Than 0.3+- 0.02m/s

CLASS 100@ Greater Than 0.5um


Other Details:

Product Feature: Fission?structure : The front panels are detachable and easier to remove for filter and filter. Visible windows: with antiultraviolet toughened glass and the height of glass can be adjustable. If the height is higher than safe level, the audible and visual alarm will be opened.
The cabinet: all manufactured by 304??? stainless steel material and the left, right and back bins of cabinet are manufactured together with arc angle will make easier to clean the side of cabinet.
Cabinet feature: Contaminated?Pressure Plenum: Negative Unitized drain pan beneath the work surface allows best arm position the user?s lap.
The airflow design creates a more impenetrable air barrier or momentum air curtain at the front of the cabinet, increasing the cabinet?s protective capabilities and avoiding cross infection.
This kind of design standard is comply with NSF4911 standard. With strong wind form the draught intake in side of cabinet, which will clear the round airflow up in lateral cabinet and prohibit the moving of contamination.
Ultra-high efficiency filter system: input and output of air will be filtrated by ULPA filter and its efficiency is more than 99.999%. the pressure sensor will watch the working condition of filter from time to time and alarm the operator if the operator if the pressure is over the setting value.
Ultraviolet light safety: the UV light cannot be opened when the fan, visible window and fluorescent light are running.
Interlock function for two fans ( blower and exhaust fan ):
When the exhaust fan stops, the blower will stop automatically and alarm device will begin to work. When the blower stops, the exhaust fan will continue to work and the alarm system will indicate the fault of blower.
Displaying data in the screen:?Air-exhaust value ( m3/h ) the velocity of air laminar flow ( m/s ) counter for exhaust fan counter for blower.
Safety control system:?Alarm for low air exhaust value
Alarm for low air-velocity of down laminar flow
Alarm for fault of exhaust fan
Alarm for closing condition of visible window
When the visible windows is opened, the UV light will be closed automatically.
When the fluorescent light is on working, the UV light will be closed automatically.
When the blower begin to work and then the UV light will be off after air laminar flow is created.
The blower will be off automatically if the exhaust fan happens some trouble.
The exhaust fan will increase his rotate speed automatically in order to keep the working space in negative pressure inside cabinet in case something wrong happens with the blower.
Microprocessor will counteract the gradually increased resistance in filter.
It will keep air inflow and downflow in normal condition under any conditions