BioSystems Lipids


Pack Size
Total Mls

10 x 50 mL

Urea/Bun- UV
5 x 50mL

Protein (Urine)
5 x 50mL

Uric Acid
10 x 50 mL




Code Description Pack Size Total Mls Tests
12502 Creatinine 10 x 50 mL 500 1,567
12516 Urea/Bun- UV 5 x 50mL 250 784
12501 Protein (Urine) 5 x 50mL 250 784
12521 Uric Acid 10 x 50 mL 500 1,567
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Mindray WATO EX-65/65 Pro Anesthesia Machines

The main unit includes Ventilator, ACGO, electronic low meters and 1 backup low meter, breathing circuit with 1 Co2 absorber, 2 drawers, LED light, alarm light, 1 lithium battery (60 min).
Wato 55 had a Color LCD screen of 8.4 inches
Wato 65 has a similar screen size of 10.4 inches.
Volume controlled ventilation with a tidal volume range of 20 ? 1500 ml making it suitable for patients of any age from infant to adult
Electronic low meters for O2, N2O and Air with a back tube for the emergency.
Supports up to 2 vaporizer positions
An electronically controlled, pneumatically driven ventilator
Modular design monitoring for anaesthetic agents, paramagnetic oxygen, Etco2 and BIS measurement
Intelligent alarm management permanent silent volume/ apnea alarm.
Breathing circuit fully autoclavable at 134 degrees C and nature latex free
Breathing circuit is easy to disassemble and assemble all the components and hence convenient for cleaning and maintenance

Maco JADE Piezo Scaler

High quality and reliability thanks to the experience and competence of Swiss engineering for this powerful and clinically safe Piezo scaler

Swiss technology

Well-proven Swiss Piezo system
Permanent feedback control and real-time power adjustments for maximum safety and comfort
Precise settings and power delivery for scaling, periodontal, endodontic and restorative treatments
Up to 32,000 linear instrument movements per second

Product features

Powerful Swiss module with minimal operating noise
Extremely compact Swiss design
Ultraslim lightweight handpiece
Large selector for effortless power control


Jade device with fully sterilizable quality handpiece
5 instruments for scaling and periodontal treatments (G1, G2, G4, P1, P3)
Diaphragm pump and 1 bottle of 350ml (Jade S2)
One step foot pedal and external power supply

A-400 Baby Incubator

Air mode and baby mode servo-controlled by a microcomputer.
Humidity concentration control system
Oxygen concentration control system
Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature, humidity concentration and Oxygen concentration are displayed separately
>37 C temperature set function
Inclination of the bassinet is adjustable
Multiple failure alarm indications
Embedded integrated sensor box and drawer-type water reservoir;
Double wall hood, automatic air circulation device
RS-232 connector.
Use DC motor with low noise.
Optional configuration: Fixed neonate bilirubin phototherapy equipment, Vertical Height Adjustment cabinet (VHA stand).
Weighing system.