Infant Warmer IR 200

With a warm, hand control, skin temperature three

kinds of temperature control mode.
Set the temperature and skin temperature split

screen display;
Dual CPU control system, independent overtemperature cut-of device of the triple overtemperature protection
Radiation box horizontal angle and the tilt angle

adjustable crib;
Crib around the plexiglass base can be lipped

down or removed;
Products with self-test function, a variety of fault

The front panel has a function of temperature and

can be corrected;
Skin temperature sensor has come of protection

Cots can be placed under X -ray film cassette;
A temperature data storage function;
With APGAR score timing function;
With RS-232 interface

Basic Configuration:

By the radiation box, control device, cribs, racks,

skin temperature sensor, infusion stand, tray.