Laborex Rapid Test

H. pylori Rapid TestHBsAg Rapid TestH. pylori Antigen TestSyphilis Rapid TestPregnancy Rapid TestMalaria Rapid Test

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  • H. pylori Rapid Test
  • HBsAg Rapid TestH. pylori Antigen TestSyphilis Rapid TestPregnancy Rapid TestMalaria Rapid Test

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CPX Sucton Regulator



The compact design incorporates a clear 63mm ? integral vacuum gauge is built inside the regulator body.



Analog Display:? 5% of? Full? Scale? de?eectn. Metal back plate making the unit strong and reliable reducing repair costs.


Accurate suction control within ranges 0 -300mmbar (LoSuck)and 0-760mmbar (High Suck)


Quick mode selector toggle switch for REG/OFF/FULL vacuum.


The large control knob comes with three (3) easy-to-read settings making vacuum adjustments simple, even in emergency situations.
Infection control easy to clean and wipe down



Variety of inlet connections available BS, AFNOR, DIN and DISS
Outlet connection 1/8? female NPT


Safety trap recommended for use for protecting regulators and preventing accidental over?ow, these connect directly
Pendants, Flowmeters & Bed Heads
Built from individually heat treated extruded aluminum sections, the unit provides separate compartments for medical gases and electrical services. Furthermore, the gas
Brass Munsen Ring-m10
to the unit 1/8? male NPT

Femur Distal Femoral Condylar Buttress Plate

Application:For fractures of the tibia

Width: 14mm

Thickness: 4mm

seca 777

Digital column scale with eye-level display

The price-performance champion of measuring and weighing.

Medical-grade, robust scale designed for years of use with high patient volume
Built-in measuring rod with 4 ? 90? measuring range
USB interface for PC connectivity
Large rubber coated castors for excellent movability
Robust tilt-proof full metal platform, no plastic

The seca 777 digital column scale with eye-level display is the medical-grade solution for measuring and weighing. It features a tilt-proof full metal platform and robust single peace column, that won?t give way when pushing the keypad. All patients (especially ones affected by obesity) will feel secure on the platform even when stepping on the edge of the base. The scale is easy to move by staff due to the large rubber coated castors and a wide wheelbase.

Product information
Technical product data and support

Technical Data

550 lbs, 250 kg

Graduation (g):
100 g

Graduation (lbs):
0.2 lbs

Power supply:
AA batteries (6x), Power adapter (optional)

Measure (W x H x D):
410 x 1,356 x 576 mm , 16.1 x 53.4 x 22.7 inch

Net weight:
12.7 , 28.0


Functions and Properties:
Transport custors, TARE, HOLD, BMI, kg/lbs switch-over

Runyes Mobile X-Ray Unit

Feshion design
Stable base
Strong column
Stretchable arm
Multi-function timer
Easy-operational handset


Power Voltage: AC220 ? 10%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Electric plug: Three-core (International / European standard)
Ultimate Capacity: 900VA
Electric Current: 4AFuse: 6.3A
Focus: 0.8mm
Rated High Voltage: 70KV ? 10%
Tube-Head Current: 7mA ? 15%
Anode Angle: 19?
Load Cycle: 1/60
Half Value Layer: 1.6mmAL under 70KV
Inherent Filtration: ?2.1mm AL
Radiation Leakage: ? 0.07mGy/h
Exposure Time: 0.06-2.00s