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Durable Forceps Jar 55x140mm Medium MH-510


Forcep Jar 55x140mm Medium



4-hole high-speed handpiece turbine -2 sets

4-hole low-speed handpiece turbine ?1 set

three-way syringe(cold and hot) 1 set each

All directional head rest 1 set

Rotary assistant position 1 set

x-film viewer 1 set

LED lamp 1 set

Strong and weak suction 1 set each

Water heating system 1 set

Outlay pure water bottle 1 set

glass spittoon 1 set

Sanitary seamless cushion and backrest 1 set each

Dentist stool 1 piece

Mindray WATO EX-65/65 Pro Anesthesia Machines

The main unit includes Ventilator, ACGO, electronic low meters and 1 backup low meter, breathing circuit with 1 Co2 absorber, 2 drawers, LED light, alarm light, 1 lithium battery (60 min).
Wato 55 had a Color LCD screen of 8.4 inches
Wato 65 has a similar screen size of 10.4 inches.
Volume controlled ventilation with a tidal volume range of 20 ? 1500 ml making it suitable for patients of any age from infant to adult
Electronic low meters for O2, N2O and Air with a back tube for the emergency.
Supports up to 2 vaporizer positions
An electronically controlled, pneumatically driven ventilator
Modular design monitoring for anaesthetic agents, paramagnetic oxygen, Etco2 and BIS measurement
Intelligent alarm management permanent silent volume/ apnea alarm.
Breathing circuit fully autoclavable at 134 degrees C and nature latex free
Breathing circuit is easy to disassemble and assemble all the components and hence convenient for cleaning and maintenance

Mindray BC-700 Series Auto Hematology Analyzer

Product Specification

Fully Automatic



Differential Type

Number Of Chambers

Number Of Parameters


Model Name/Number
BC700 Series

User Input

Type Of Blood Analyzer
Hemoglobin Analyzer

Sample Mode
Whole Blood, Capillary, Pre-Diluted

7 Point

Chamber Type
Dual Chamber


We Are Excited to Announce that We Are Going to Launch a New Breakthrough Innovation, the Bc-700 Series Auto Hematology Analyzer Which Incorporates Both Cbc and Esr Analysis.
The Bc-700 Series Is by Far One of The Most Powerful, Innovative and Compact All-In-One Hematology Analyzers in The Market. with Its Newest Parameters, the Analyzer Provides a High-End Analysis Platform for Small to Medium-Sized Laboratories, Allowing Mindray to Take Another Huge Step Towards Fulfilling Our Mission, Healthcare Within Reach.


24 chrome-plated electrodes and BW/BF function.

24 electrodes. For analysis of body fat and body water.
Automatic user recognition. For fast measuring results.
Four memories. For practical multi-person use.
BMI function to determine nutritional status.
Capacity: 330 Ibs, 150 kg
Graduation Weight: 100 g / 0,2 lbs / 02 lbs
Power supply: Batteries
Functions: BF / BW-Measurement, Auto-HOLD,
BMI, kg/lbs/its switch-over, Tap-on automatic switch-on, Automatic switch-of, patient memory,