Thoracic Catheters

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Omron CompA.I.R Pro

Water protected switch
Energy efficient system
V.V.T. nebulizer technology
Convenient holder for Nebulizer Kit
Handy carry bag
Handy shaped Nebulizer Chamber
Easy to attach and detach tube connectors

Super Ortho Ankle Supports

Product Code: B9-002

Prevents ankle injury during sports or work activity
Extreme breathable and absorb the moisture materials
Accelerate the blood circulation
Provides heat therapy
Help to speed up recovery

Ideal to support, stabilize the injured ankle, and also prevent ankle injury during sports or work activity. The durable elastic weaving band contain the high quality rayon and cotton materials can absorb the moisture effectively, extremely breathable. It can provide heat therapy and a proper compression to accelerate the blood circulation.
Size Guide:

Circumference of Ankle

17~ 19.5 cm

19.5~ 22 cm

22~ 24.5 cm

24.5~ 27 cm

27~ 29.5 cm


Cotton 45%

Rayon 30%

Rubber 25%

United Imaging MRI UMR 588

uCS Imaging Technology
Combing the strengths of PF, PI and CS, uCS (united Compressed Sensing) imaging technology has achieved optimized data acquisition and image reconstruction, significantly improving the scanning speed and image quality.

uCS Application
Achieving maximum acceleration factor of 16 for dynamic abdomen imaging with uCS, uMR 588 enables a clear visualization of every subtle and dynamic variations, and real-time lesion pinpointing in all orientations within the whole abdomen.

uCS Imaging
Driven by uCS imaging technology, uMR 588 breaks the limits of both resolution and speed of MRI.

uExceed Workflow

?Patient-oriented? Design
uExceed software system enables parallel workflow patterns of multi-patient and multi-task, providing convenience for users and accelerating work efficiency.

Driven by EasyScan and whole body imaging, uMR 588 enables smart examination without moving patient table and changing coils manually, significantly simplifying the workflow and improving the throughout.

Economic Success

Intelligent System Management
Monitor status of components in real-time; Intelligent analysis and forecast system trends; Timely service reminders

Reduce Your TCO
Zero helium boil-off; 10% energy saving; About 50% of liquid helium

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Mindray BC 10 Hematology Analyzer

At Mindray, we pride ourselves on our dedication and experience in developing better solutions for small labs. Our new 3-part hematology analyzer is the culmination of that effort. It provides small labs with more confidence in results and less turnaround time.


CBC+3-DIFF, 20 parameters +3 Histograms
Throughput: up to 30 samples per hour
8.4 inch TFT touch screen
Only three reagents needed
Open vial sampling
Large storage capacity: up to 50,000 samples?
Original QC, calibrators and reagents

Riester ri-focus LED Headlight

High performance LED with an improved illumination performance of +40% and a new battery compartment for a fast and easy change of batteries
Flexible hinge for a comfortable one-hand use of the LED illumination body
More e cient diagnosis due to high performance LED with up to 100.000 Lux
Wireless headband with built-in battery compartment
Comfortable with a balanced headband and one-hand operation.

Olympus SZX16

Product Overview
The SZX16 is a high-end stereo microscope system used in various fields, such as biological arenas where fluorescent observation is conducted, and cutting-edge industrial research, development and quality control.

The SZX16 features the world?s highest 16.4x zoom ratio*?and the largest numerical aperture (NA).

The combination of high resolving power and deep focal depth provides high-resolution and high-contrast observation images, and the newly designed coaxial illumination unit provides bright and even images in fine detail during fluorescent observation.

The ultra-slim 41 mm transparent illumination stand, designed to be easy to use and fatigue-free, helps to improve work efficiency. The triocular tubes with ergonomically optimized convergence angle effectively eliminates eyestrain even during prolonged observation.