tuttnauer 2540MKA

The 2540MKA, features heating auto-shuto ffat completion of sterilization cycle, saving energy and increasing your safety and productivity. Before leaving the clinic, set the 2540MKA to night mode, start a cycle and the instruments will be sterile and ready to use on return.

Closed door active drying air pump
Single action sterilization cycle
Overheat safety protection
Automatic night mode shuto ffis a time and energy saver


Chamber Dimensions øxL (mm)
254 x 476

Chamber Volume
23 Liter

Cold Cycle Time
16 min

Hot Cycle Time
12 min.

Cycle time may vary with instrument load and voltage

1 Cycle Status Indicator

2 Pressure Gauge

3 Power Switch

4 Sterilization Timer

5 Water Pump Switch

6 Drying and Sterilization Timer

7 Temperature Selector

8 Night Mode Switch