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  • The MORPHEUS M is an anaesthesia machine and it can be used on adult, children and newborn patients. The MORPHEUS M is suitable for administration of Oxygen – Air – Nitrous Oxide – Halothane – Enflurane – Isoflurane – Sevoflurane – Desflurane mixtures. Features: Mechanic gas mixing system Electronic lung ventilator with 12” TFT colour display Valves group: open, semi-closed, closed, heated, with soda lime absorber (1,5 Kg) SIARETEX rapid connection device, Selectatec compatible for 2 vaporizers Gas supply group Ventilation modalities: APCV-PCV; APCV-TV; PSV; APNEA BACK-UP; VC-VAC; VC-VAC BABY; SIMV+PS (volumetric); SPONT; MANUAL. Measured parameters: PAW; PEEP; Vte; ExpMV; Rate; I:E; FiO2, Pmax; Pmean; Pause; Vti; FLOWi; FLOWe; Tinsp; Tesp; Tpause; Cs; Ri Displayed ventilation curves: Paw, Flow, Volume, Loop (Volume/Paw ; Volume/Flow) Adjustable parameters: – O2 built-in Mixer device from 21% to 99% – I:E Adjustable Ratio: 1:1-1:2-1:3-1:4-2:1-3:1 – Inspiratory Flow – PEEP – Breathing Rate – Minute Volume; – Tidal Volume – Inspiratory Pressure Limit – Inspiratory Pause – Inspiratory Time – Trigger Mechanic flowmeter module: 3-flow mechanical flow meter (O2 – N2O – AIR) with 5 flow meters for low flows. Equipped with safety systems (MIX-LIFE, CUT-OFF, flow meter protection valve). Breathing system: The breathing system of Morpheus guarantees to the user an absolute flexibility and easy handling thanks to the noble construction materials employed. The valves group can be drawn-up and it’s totally autoclavable at 121°C and all its parts are manually dismountable, with no need of special tools.The breathing system is made of; Calibrated APL valve, Fresh gas collecting bag, O2 cell for reading of FiO2, Removable 1 kg soda lime canister, Manually inspectionable bellows jar, Safety valve for ambience air suction in case of fresh gas failure, Flow transducer inside the group located on the expiratory line. Optional accessories 11054 AIRPAK 54 stand-alone medical air compressor 100150/IDF Isoflurane Vaporizer 100148/IDF Fluo-Halotane Vaporizer 100145/IDF Sevoflurane Vaporizer 100151/IDF Desflurane Vaporizer A57.049-800601 gas analysis module (5 AA – CO2 – N2O – O2 – MAC) ric.auto Click Here To Download Catalogue )
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    Anaesthesia Machine With Monitor and Double Vaporizer

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