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  • Olympus CX23

    High-performing, quality optics include a quadruple nosepiece equipped with Olympus? plan a chromat objectives ensuring a wide field of view with a field number of 20. The objectives maintain superb image flatness throughout the field of view and long working distances supported by a focus lock to prevent objectives and specimens from damage. An LED light source provides both a long service time of 20,000 hours and lower power consumption while the reduced blue light preserves vivid colour observation on HE staining

  • Mindray new WATO EX-35 Anasthesia Machines better performance than performance

    The main unit includes Ventilator, ACGO, breathing circuit, one Co2 canister, one drawer and one lithium battery.
    Color LCD screen of 8.4 inch
    Volume controlled ventilation with a tidal volume of 20 ? 1500 ml hence making it suitable for patients of any age, from infant to adult.
    Classical low meters for O2 , N2 and air
    Support up to 2 vaporizer positions (ACGO) that allows you to use 3rd party semi-open circuits
    Backup batteries support up to 150 min continuous work
    Alarm; low airway pressure, high airway ressure, oxygen failure alarm, apnea alarm, breathing rate alarm, O concentration 2
    Has a compact breathing circuit with 2.6l circuit volume, especially for low low anaesthesia.
    Has latex free PSU material, autoclavable at 134C

  • Mindray Chemiluminescence CL-900i


    CLIA uses two important technologies, one is labeling technologu which determines raction mode; and the other is separation technology which determines the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of the reagents.
    The Mindray CL-900i?is one of the smallest fully automatic chemiluminescence immunology analyzers, harmoniously combining?relatively?high work?capacity?and?fast test speed?in a compact device, thus achieving a?perfect balance?between size and performance.


    High loading capacity
    Continuous loading of samples
    Carousel of reagents with constant refrigeration
    Vortex mixing of reagent solutions, eliminating the risk of contamination
    Intelligent liquid level detection, clot detection, protection against vertical and horizontal collisions
    Liquid reagents, ready to use
    Disposable plastic cuvettes

  • OT400 Electric Operating Table With Accessories MOT-049

    Widely used in Chest, Abdominal, ENT, GYN/OBS, Urology & Orthopaedic Surgeries
    Electronic operated movements.
    The base and column cover sections are all made of premium 304 stainless steel.

    Main Function:

    Length/width: 2070mm/500mm
    Elevation (up/down): 780mm/1020mm
    Trendelenburg: 25?
    Reverse Trendelenburg: 25?
    Lateral Tilt: 15/? 15?
    Head rest(up/down): 45? /90?
    Leg Plate(up/down): 15? / 90?
    Back Plate(up/down): 75? /20?
    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    Voltage: 220v/110v
    Power Capacity: 1.0Kw

  • Mindray BC 10 Hematology Analyzer

    At Mindray, we pride ourselves on our dedication and experience in developing better solutions for small labs. Our new 3-part hematology analyzer is the culmination of that effort. It provides small labs with more confidence in results and less turnaround time.


    CBC+3-DIFF, 20 parameters +3 Histograms
    Throughput: up to 30 samples per hour
    8.4 inch TFT touch screen
    Only three reagents needed
    Open vial sampling
    Large storage capacity: up to 50,000 samples?
    Original QC, calibrators and reagents

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