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    Jaundice is one of the most common symptoms in the neonatal period. Clinical reports show that 20% to 30% of newborns may have visible jaundice. And early neonatal pathological jaundice is prone to bilirubin encephalopathy, so it is important to screen for early pathological jaundice. DHD-C Percutaneous Jaundice Meter physical sample and advantages Large LCD display Two units displayed at the same time Average value display, more storage Lithium battery, long standby time Continuous measurement, no need to reset Technical Parameters: Measurement meth: light reflective Light source: LED Display: LCD Indication error: 0~25 mg/ dL ± 1.0 mg/ dL Power supply: Lithium battery (DC3.6V, 1000mAh ± 20%);Tests can be done more than 800 times after a fully charge; Calibration color screen: white end face is 0, yellow end face is 16.0±1.0 Function Simultaneous display of measurement units: displaying mg / dL & µmol / L in the meantime. Data Storage: 200 groups of measurement data Average Calculation: It can measure the average value of 2-5 times Start-up preparation time: Ready to use at startup, no preparation required Battery voltage detection function: When the battery voltage of the tester is too low, the screen displays “Low Battery” Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of non-working state Battery display: Real-time display of battery power Charging display: The viewing screen shows “Charging … ” during charging. Automatic charging protection: It will stop charging automatically at the time battery voltage charging arrive 4.2V±0.05V. Click Here To Download Catalogue
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    Heal Force Percutaneous Jaundice Meter DHD-C

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