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  • The IC-3000 ENT treatment chair features electrical height adjustment which is foot controlled, along with adjustable and removable armrests. Other features include 360° rotation (position lock), adjustable backrest from vertical to horizontal position, and an articulated headrest. Features: – Convenient 5 position button Backrest Side Control Button Bottom Memory Button Backrest Rotation Button Backrest Control Button Armrest Turn Control Button – Electrical gear Driven Technical Specifications: Power Source: 220V AC, 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 400W Rotation: 3600 Electronic Brake system Up-Down Stroke: 300mm + 10%, Lifting Mechanism (Motor Support) Range of Back-Rest Movement: 0~900 Electronic Linear Actuator Headrest: Up/Down By Manual Dimension: W653xD881xH1278 Weight: Approx 120kg Arm-Rest: 0~900 by Manual Foot Switch: Up/Down/Front/Rear Remote Control: Hand Type, Up/Down/Front/Rear/Memory x 2Sit Position Memory x 4
    Sku: ZN2023330

    M.I One ENT Treatment Chair (IC-3000)

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  • The IU-3000 ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT procedures, vastly improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue in the ENT consulting / treatment room.
Its additional storage space, articulated arm for Microscopy, CCU Camera, and various integrated functions makes it suitable for ENT consulting rooms Feature: –  Ergonomic design for user friendly 
 –  Emergency function (Forced working by push the button in case of problem happen) –  No hassle & advance quality Spray 
 –  Various storage spaces by one touch 
 –  Meet the latest safety regulation 
 –  Two color Choice (Charcoal, White) 
 Technical Specification: Power Source: 220V AC, 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 1.5kW Compressor Motor: 0.9~2.0kg/cm2 Suction Motor: Max. Vacuum 680mmHG Anit-Fog Device: 330W Device Control Switch: Water Resistant, Sound Effect Option: Monitor with arm Set, Side Can, Sub Table, Doctor Chair, Patient Chair Dimension: W1096xD737xH890 Weight: 110kg Standard Component Spray (3ea) Suction (2ea) Ventilator Post Pole (max 2ea, Straight/Curved) Medicine Bottle (6ea) Medicine Bottle Tray (Option, 14ea) Internal Instrument (eating) External Instrument Tray Heater Pen Light Outlet (6ea) 100mm Can (2ea) 83mm Can (12ea) 53mm Can (2ea)
    Sku: ZN2023331

    M.I One ENT Treatment Unit (IU-3000)

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