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  • Traction Machine The Traction Unit is the result of thousands of feedbacks from tens of thousands of physiotherapists over the past decade. Instead of a touch screen LCD panel and working through complicated windows, physiotherapists recommended the ease-to-adjust “HOLD” and “REST” knobs as they have been proven to be one of the fastest and effective ways of adjustments of traction force during treatment. The “HOLD” and “REST TIME” can be adjusted in real-time as well as the FORCE. Once set, press “START” and the new setting will take effect in the next coming cycle. The unit is equipped with a “Patient Switch” for full control of an Emergency Situation, all at the hands of a patient. Technical Specification: Traction Force – The maximum force is 200 lb/91kg ± 4 lb/2kg Traction Force Compensation – Computerized automatic compensation Actual force Force Display – Actual force/ preset force – automatic switching display Traction Speed – Stepless, continuous and adjustable Therapy Mode – Intermittent/ Static/ Harmonic Treatment Time – 1-99 minutes ± 2% Safety System – Multiple protection alarms Weight -1 lb (11.4 kg) Dimension – 31(L) x28(W) x26(H) cm Power Supply – 110-120 VAC (60Hz), 220-240 VAC (50Hz
    Sku: ZN2024633

    Asco LCD Based Cervical Traction Machine

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