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    Bistos BT- 410 Medical Head Lamp – Head-worn light BT-410 provides not only comfortable wear but also convenient for use during examinations or operations. – Ultra bright LED light with High density LED – Easy to adjust head strap & an angle – Extensive LED lifetime (more than 50,000 hours) – More than 4 hours of continuous use – An additional astral LED lamp (optional) – Attachable loupe (optional). Features: Illumination Uniformity: Multi-lens structure ensures high level of uniform luminance in its light spot. Coaxial Design: Light source is located between two eyes is able to cast least shadow on the surface. Also, the luminance angle moves freely with pivot joint structure. Interchangeable Battery: Rechargeable battery is interchangeable. With additional battery, no need to worry anymore about remaining power. Technical Specifications: Model – (BT – 410) Order code – 410F Illumination – (Standard – 15,000 – 30,000 lx) Adjustable Illumination – Yes Illumination Uniformity – High Adjustable Light Spot – No Light Spot Size (at 300mm) – 70mm Astral Lamp – No Color Temperature – 6,000 K LED Life Time – Appox. 50,000 hour Loupe: Type – Single Lens Magnification – 2 x Battery: Type – Lithum-ion Capacity – 3.7V / 2,200 mAh Run time – 4 hour Charging time – 4 hour Weight – 190 g Band Size – (540 – 640mm) Warranty – 1 year Click Here To Download Catalogue
    Sku: ZN2023678

    Bistos BT- 410 Medical Head Lamp

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