BeneHeart R12

950,000.00 1,200,000.00

R12 provides easy-to-use experience to customers as well as professional analysis for various clinical demands.

Modern and practical design
Ergonomic look and simple layout enable R12 to achieve user’s satisfaction:

8-inch LCD screen with 800*400 high resolution
Frosted membrane keyboard. Typing and editing can be as easy and comfortable as using a computer
Optional touch bars for users with different operating preferences
Built-in thermal printer and external USB printer supported

Minimized workload and optimized workflow

On-screen full preview maximizes user’s flexibility without printing a paper report.
Barcode scanner supported. Shorten the time of information input.

Retrieve history record on screen for at most 800 copies
Hot keys for common-used functions
Re-analyze and generate a new report once the patient information is modified.
Device configuration is able to print/export/import

Reliable diagnostic analysis and outstanding performance

Pediatric-friendly. Unique design in V4R(C4R) proves to be ideal for determined young-age group.
World top-level algorithm: Glasgow. Use more variables than usual for analysis with higher accuracy. (age, gender, race, etc.)
Pacemaker detection. Prevent potential misinterpretation from missing the pacer information.
Six Critical Values for typical Arrhythmias allow users to notice issues in time.
Rechargeable 4500 mAh Li-ion battery enables a longer working time

IT solutions/Data transfer

Wired/wireless transfer of patient’s record to ECG management system for sharing/further analysis
Multi-format exports available