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  • NF 400 / 400R centrifuges are designed for routine daily spin requirements. The performance and capacity of the NF 400 / 400R are ideal for separating blood samples, sedimenting urinary particles and other routine applications in small and medium-sized laboratories. The programmable N-Prime ™ control system facilitates operations. NF 400 is a ventilated model that ensures a minimum increase in temperature in the samples through the system of continuous flow of air through the air ducts in the cover. The refrigeration model, NF 400R, offers a wide temperature control range between -9 ° C and + 40 ° C for heat sensitive samples. The powerful cooling system can maintain the temperature at +4 ° C even at the maximum speed for biologically active samples. Angle Rotor Swing-out Rotors Maximum Capacity : 16x15ml 4x100ml 2xM.Plate Maximum Speed : 4,100 rpm 4,100 rpm 4.100 rpm Maximum RCF : 2.142xg 2.819xg 2.011xg Programmable microprocessor control system. Digital display for time and speed / RCF (xg). Digital display for temperature for NF 400R. Programmable relative centrifugal force (RCF). Electronic imbalance detection system. Stainless steel chamber. 1 – 99 minutes timer with hold position. 5 acceleration / 5 braking rates. Lid lock. Powerful, quiet, and maintenance free induction motor. Minimum temperature increase in the chamber by means of ventilation system for NF 400. Temperature control between -9°C / +40°C for NF 400R. Motor over heating protection. Wide range of accessories to accommodate most manufacturers’ tubes and microtiter plate. Totally CFC free refrigerant fluid and insulation material for NF 400R.
    Sku: ZN2023545

    Nuve NF-400 / NF-400R Medium Capacity Centrifuges

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