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  • The iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe – Compact Unit is a compact, non-invasive infrared device to view blood vessels just beneath the skin. Includes a camera, touchscreen display, connector cable, power supply, camera stand, gooseneck arm, and instruction manual. Features: Probe Target: Subcutaneous blood vessels of various patients (including capillaries) Probe Method: Non-invasive infrared technology Probe Depth: Within 10 mm under the skin Magnification Function: Up to 1X, 2X and 4X Automatic Adjustment Function: Adjusts the brightness automatically based on the targeted vein Specialized Light Function: Shows the veins more clearly by using the specialized light source Operation Method: Easy to operate with touchscreen Internal Battery Support: Continuous running time: 1.5 hours     Click Here To Download Catalogue
    Sku: ZN2023583

    VPism-C (Compact Type) Vein Finder Probe

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