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  • Ecleris Colposcope Series C-100 was designed to cover all the diagnosis and therapeutic needs of modern gynecology. All models can be transformed into video colposcopes with our high resolution video camera. Digital handling of patients and image filing is achieved through the endoDIGI software which is easily adaptable to a portable PC or desktop computer. Great and accurate quality images, improved clearness, resolution and focal range can be obtained through our new C-100 Colposcope optic system. Floor and wall-mounted models include 5 magnifications (4, 6, 10, 16 and 25x). The C-100  model, with its pantographic arm has enhanced maneuverability, as the arms are mounted on bearings and guarantee smooth movements and greater stability (WBS, weight balance system). Its state-of-the-art designed base allows for easy transport. We provide accessories that allow using the microscope light source and video camera also to carry out endoscopic studies, without need to have two light sources and two video cameras at the doctor’s office.  A new dimension in microsurgery Ecleris 3D Splitter Is a new device that integrates a beam-splitter with an HD 3D video system that expands the borders of surgical visualization as it allows the surgeon to share the stereoscopic images that he sees through the binocular; and in high definition. It is an ideal method for education since 3D visualization improves understanding, motivation and retention of knowledge. Compatible with Microscopes and Colposcopes of multiple brands. Ecleris HD Splitter This beam splitter integrates a full HD video camera in an ergonomic and compact way. Both devices are installed between the optical head and the binocular. This configuration results in great balance since it avoids the use of photographic and/or video equipment located on the side of the optical head which usually alter the stability of the movements of it. Both products are complemented by sophisticated image capture systems from the ECLERIS endoDIGI family.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Colposcope Binocular – 45º Inclined (straight optional) Objective Lens – Standard 300 mm included. Optional: 200 / 250 mm. Magnifications – Manual changer 5 positions: Factor 4 / 6 / 10 / 16 / 25 X Fine Focus – Manual integrated in focal lens. Eyepieces – 10 X Wide angle. Dioptric setting: + / – 5. Field of View (10 X) – Ø 24 mm / 0,95“ (for f: 200 mm) Ø 31 mm / 1,22” (for f: 250 mm). Ø 36 mm / 1,42” (for f: 300 mm) Ø 50 mm Interpupilar Distance – 2,16”- 2,95”. 55 – 75 mm Filter – Green Illumination Type of Illumination – Coaxial Illumination through 7 mm fiber optic light guide cable Light Source – LED (80 W 50.000 hours life) Illuminated Field – Ø 70 mm / 2,75” (for f: 200 mm) Ø 90 mm / 3,54” (for f: 250 mm). Ø 107 mm / 4,2” (for f: 300 mm) Ø 145 mm Illumination Control – Electronic dimmer with continuous adjustment. Constant light color Power Supply – 100 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz Video Video Camera – Video camera connection input and video output integrated into light source Mechanics Type – Stand floor unit, 5 wheels. Rotation – 360◦ Height Adjustment – 97,5 / 120 cm, 38 / 47 Weight – 13,5 kg / 30 lb Content Includes: Forearm, Pantographic Arm, Floor Stand (H Shaped Base and Column), 5 Magnifications Head, Green Filter and Inclined Binocular, LED Light Source, Fiber Optic Cable, 110/220V Power Cable and User`s Guide, Stand for LCD Monitor and Printer, Digital Capturing System for Images, Videos and Sounds, USB 2.0. Includes Main Unit Processor with three Camera Inputs, USB Cable, Software, Hands Free Microphone and Footswitch.   Click Here To Download Catalogue
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    Ecleris C100-FID Binocular Colposcope

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