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  • The low temperature medicine is a medical science of studying the impact of low temperature on the human tissue based on the cryobiology and applying the low temperature technique to treat diseases. Its main contents include: low temperature physiology, cryopreservation, freezing and immunization, cold injury, and low temperature cryotherapy for therapeutic Applications. Technical Specification: Display: 12 inch touch screen Treatment time: 1 min- 99 min, adjustable Airflow output: 1-10 levels adjustable, 30L/min-120L/min, range 10L/min Standby Situation: -14ºC~-22ºC Automatic defrosting: Every two hour Treatment mode: Customized mode and preset mode Liquid level detection: Condensated water level is detected, overflow is warned Therapeutic Effect: > Lower body temperature >> Analgesic spasmolytic >> Destructive effect >> Relieve local congestion or bleeding >> Control the spread of inflammation to diminish it >> Stop itching and sedation >> Immunization. Therapeutic Techniques: (I) Ice bag sticking method It is quite simple and the most commonly used method, which is widely used in the clinical treatment. (II) Cold and heat hot pack Put the tower into the cold water or ice water, wring it to semi-dry (namely, no water drops), and apply it to the affected area. Application scopes and contraindications are the same as above. (III) Chemical refrigeration bag (IV) Tetrachloroethane jetting (V) Local soaking method (VI) Cold bath from head to foot (VII) Body cavity method
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