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  • Wondfo Dry Chemistry Analyzer is used with the Wondfo’s original Dry Chemistry Analyzer test strip which can help diagnose conditions such as liver function, kidney function, myocardial enzyme, emergency treatment, blood routine examination, blood glucose, etc. Features: Accurate – Advanced reflective photometry method. Flexible – Small in size, low sample volume (≤20μL). Rapid – Running 60 tests per hour; Delivering Results in 1-5min Easy to Use – The Chemistry Analyzer is very easy to use One-step Loading. Full-Touch Screen. User-friendly Interactive System Economical – Single test, free combination, no waste. Technical Specifications  Technologies: Built-in thermal printer 3.5‘’ LED touch screen LIS/HIS connection Sample size: 80μ Standards: CE Mark Dimension: 250x258x104mm Weight: 2.5kg Applications: Laboratory, ER, ICU, Respiratory, cardiology, Paediatric, etc.   Click Here To Download Catalogue
    Sku: ZN2023482

    Wondfo Dry Chemistry Analyzer

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