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  • 30cm high-resolution, colour TFT-LCD screen 12-crystal broad beam waterproof FHR transducer Touch screen provides great ease of use Foetal and maternal monitoring parameters both available 60 hours waveform storage and playback Three monitoring interfaces (Foetal/Foetal & Maternal/Maternal) Flat surface design and waterproof TOCO transducer Built-in long life thermal printer Compatible with 150/152 mm universal recording paper Compatible with American/International standardrecording paper Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR Fast printing of stored traces Insight software for real-time and oQine data transmission to PC DECG & IUP parameters optional Built-in rechargeable battery Professional CTG analysis system 500 NIBP records and 1440 maternal parameters lists playback Continuous post-delivery monitoring with maternal parameters Optional Telemetry Transducer System Standard Configuration: Twins FHR, TOCO, FM, AFM, MECG, HR/ PR, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, Li-ion Battery, Touch Screen. Optional Configuration: DECG & IUP, Foetal Stimulator, Telemetry Transducer System
    Sku: ZN2023396

    EDAN F9 Express Foetal & Maternal Monitor

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