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  • Purpose: Portable laboratory for sample taking and on-line acceptance analysis of fuel with standard and express methods. Technical capabilities of the laboratory set: – Determination of octane number by motor and research methods; – Determination of cetane number; – Determination of lead content in motor fuels; – Oil products density detection; – Determination of mechanical impurities; – Water; – Motor fuels color detection; – Content determination of heavy hydrocarbons; – Water-soluble acids and caustic; – Phenolic in motor fuels; – Acid electrolyte density; – Determination of liquid coolant content and freezing temperature by its density; – Quantitative determination of water in tank (tank-truck, tank wagon); – Oil product bottom sampling from tanks, and determination of settling water, and mechanical impurities; – Determination of water content in anti-crystallization additives; – Determination of anti-crystallization liquid in jet engines fuels; Scope of supply: 1. Octane meter PE-7300 – 1 pc. 2. Sample collecting device – 1 pc. 3. Set of areometers ANT-2 – 3 pcs and AON-1 – 3 pcs. 4. Indicator tubes 5. Water indicator paste 6. Laboratory ware and materials for fuel express analysis
    Sku: ZN2023537

    Laboratory Set №2M6U (set for express analysis of oil products quality)

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