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  • The chrome plated valve handle is lockable in the open or closed position by way of a sliding device and brass padlock supplied to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent operation of the valve. For ease of installation all brass padlocks are the same size for the full range of ball valves from 15mm to 108mm. All line valve assemblies are fully pressure tested and batch numbered for trace ability prior to packing and delivery. Lock able line valves are available for all standard pipe work sizes from ø15mm to ø108mm. Other size are available on request. Non-lockable versions are also available. ORDERING INFORMATION Type Part Number O/All Length mm 15mm 15LVN 380 22mm 22LVN 510 28mm 28LVN 530 35mm 35LVN 610 42mm 42LVN 630 54mm 54LVN 665 76mm 76LVN 970 108mm 108LVN 1070
    Sku: ZN2023334


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