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  • FreeFill – the newest filling system for liquid Denut’s gutta-percha. Wireless – minimizing the time and materials needed to fill the channel. The use of the device ensures the highest quality and precision in filling the ducts. Wireless device 3-dimensional obturation system. Fantastic combination of filling with the method of vertical compaction. Provides excellent hermetic sealing of the root canal. Together, the entire main channel and side channels are filled. Excellent control of the honing part and filling of anatomically complex channels. Two mobile systems in one device (hot plugger and obturator). The obturator cover can be sterilized in an autoclave. The device is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty (application tips and tips for the plugger are consumable – they are not covered by the warranty). Technical data – charging system and batteries: operating voltage – DC 3.7 V, input adapter – AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, output – DC 7.5 V, 2.5 A, indicator indicating the status of charging / charging, time to full charge – about 1 hour, two power supplies included. Gun – Obturation Gun: heater – DC 3.7 V, 10 W, temperature range – 1500C, 1800C, 2000C, 2200C (visible on the display), working time with continuous use of the gun – about 120 minutes (when the battery is fully charged), automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of non-use (battery saving), automatic shut-off after 15 minutes of continuous operation (prevents burning of the heater), ECO system (energy-saving) – temperature maintained at 1200C in order to warm up to a given temperature faster, induction switch placed in the handle – switches the heating on / off depending on whether the device is held in hand or not, the possibility of setting the needle in any direction (once the bent needle can be used to fill the lower or upper one). Plugger – obturation pen: heater – DC 3.7 V, 10 W, temperature range – 1500C, 1800C, 2000C, 2200C (visible on the display), working time for continuous use of the plug – 60 minutes (when the battery is fully charged), 3600 power button, 6 directions of injection tips setting, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes, information about proper connection of the needle, information about the damaged needle. Set contains: gun – obturation gun – 1 piece, gun stand with built-in charger – stand for gun – 1 piece, plugger – obturation pen – 1 piece, stand for plugger with built-in charger – stand for pen – 1 piece, injection needles – gun needle – 3 pieces, pen tip – pen tip – 4 pieces, the key for injection needles – adapter – 1 piece, pusher for hot gutta-percha – 2 pieces, thermal casings – heat insulator – 2 pieces, cleaning brush – brush – 1 piece, power supply – 2 pieces, gutta-percha – 20 pieces, instruction – 1 piece. There is a possibility to buy tips for the plugger: set – 4 sizes after the play, size F – white (thin), FM size – yellow, size M – red, ML size – black.
    Sku: ZN2023113

    Gutta Percha Obturation System

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