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  • Ensuring adequate spectral light, power has become increasingly important for effective neonatal jaundice treatment.  The lamp aging and patient distance from the lamp head can significantly affect the therapy procedure and resultant curing time. Spectral Irradiance meter is specially designed to measure accurate exposure level of standard neonatal therapy systems directly in the patient plane and is designed for routine use in clinical settings. Battery operated stand-alone systems and compact modules for integration to control boards are available. Specifications: Special response: 420-520nm peak at 460nm Measurement range 0.1 to 99mW/cm 2/nm Uses one 9V Alkaline non-rechargeable battery Continuous operation of 8-10 hours Three-digit power display with back fight Data hold button Weight <180 gms Dimensions: 13.4cm (L) x 7cm (B) x 2.5 cm (H) Dimensions of probe: 5.5 cm (Dia.) x 1.5cm (H), Wire length (1 Mtr.) Connector Mini Din Type Connector
    Sku: ZN2023412

    Neonatal Phototherapy Irradiance Meter

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