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  • Provides world-leading thermal uniformity Excitation is provided by high intensity LEDs filtered to provide light at 500nm that is capable of exciting all fluorophores commonly used in qPCR. A prism is used to generate spectra from fluorescent emissions. These spectra are imaged using a CMOS camera. The powerful and easy to use software provides the following features: Automated analysis modules for: – absolute and relative quantification – melting curve analysis – endpoint genotyping – high resolution melting (HRM) Quick start using templates for all major applications Analysis of full spectral data Generation of custom dye files for novel fluorophores Straightforward setup and editing of sample and target information Comprehensive data export functions Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux Systems Instrument start from a USB flash drive, usingpreprogrammed settings MyGo Pro Software is delivered and easily installed from a USB flash drive. The software has no license restrictions. When installed in a network, the software can control several MyGo Pro Instruments connected via LAN. Technical Specifications: Dimensions (W x D x H): 24 x 27 x 23 cm Weight: 7 kg Operating noise: <40 dB(A) Electrical Voltage: 240 V (+/- 10%) Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz (+/- 10%) Power: 170 W Number of reactions: 32 Reaction Vessels: 0.1ml single tube and/or 8-tube strips Reaction volume: 10 – 100 μl (20 μl recommended) Temperature cycling system: Peltier-based heating & cooling from +37 to +99°C Heating rate: 5°C/s & Cooling Rate: 4°C/s Temperature uniformity: +/- 0.05°C (SD) Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.25°C Run Time: <50 min Fluorescence Excitation: 500 nm nm (blue LED) Fluorescence Detection: 120 optical channels from 510 to 750 nm (CMOS camera) Supported Assays Formats: Intercalating dyes (e.g.,SYBR Green I), Hydrolysis Probes, Molecular Beacons, SimpleProbes, HybProbes Factory-Calibrated Dyes (at shipment): SYBR Green I / FAM / ResoLight; VIC / HEX / Yellow555; LC RED 610 / Texas Red; Cy5 Multiplexing Capabilities: Up to 7 targets Applications: Relative and Absolute Quantification Analysis, Melting Peak Analysis, Endpoint Genotyping Analysis, High Resolution Melting (HRM) Sensitivity: 1.1 fold discrimination, 9-log dynamic range, Single copy detection Connection options: LAN, Direct connection to computer (RJ45), PC-free (USB stick/flash drive controlled)   Click Here To Download Catalogue
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    Ceragem MyGo Pro Real-time PCR Machine

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