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  • Portable Medical 365nm Woods Lamp for Skin Analysis The Wood’s lamp test is done to help to detect several conditions affecting the skin, including: Bacterial infections, Fungal infections, Ectoparasites infestations, Skin coloring changes. Some skin diseases such as vitiligo, acne and host of other cause the skin to fluoresce Vitiligo, Bacterial Infections, eczema, Porphyria, Erythasma, Alopecia, Tinea Versicolor Fungus &Fungal Infections, Head Lice and their nits, fluoresce under black light Ringworm, Scabies, Child abuse/bruising can often be discerned with the wood’s lamp. 1. Pigment abnormal skin disease 2. Infectious skin disease 3. erythroderma desquamativum 4. Neuropsychiatric disorders 5. Some metabolic skin diseases 6. diagnosis and definition of scope of skin lesions of certain tinea corporis and cruris,marla folliculitis disease 7. Certain metabolic skin disease Features: a. Observation Window+Shade Cloth, User can observe and take photos clearly in normal environment b. Rechargeable Lithium Battery, getting rid of the power cord, more convenient to carry and use, more suitable for home use c. UVA Light+White Light (LED), Low power consumption, long life. It is not only used for the examination of various skin diseases, but also can be used for other medical examination illumination. d. Eye-protecting Glass to avoid UV radiation on the human eye damage e. Adjustable Brightness f. Mobile Phone holder (Optional) Technical Specification: Power Supply Mode Inside power Power adapter Battery Specification Battery standby time Charging period Security Classification typeII,built-in battery Power Rating 28VA Visual Lens Diameter ø65mm±5mm Working Distance 5cm±1cm Light Source UVA light+White light Output Wavelength 320nm-400nm  (Peak wavelength365nm) Lamp Life ≥15000h UV radiation intensity 0.6-2.5mW/cm2  Illuminance ≥1200Lux Visual lens magnification times 2times±20% Dustproof and waterproof level IP22
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    Portable Medical 365nm Woods Lamp for Skin Analysis

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