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  • Illuco IDS-1000 plus compact and Light: Small enough for your pocket or handbag Light enough to wear it around your neck and carry the whole day Perfect for laypeople who want personally observe their skin changes Reasonably priced Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and likewise high-quality light sources that can help you with examining skin structures and patterns. IDS-1000 was also developed by ILLUCO optical experts and therefore we guarantee its excellent optical & light performances: 10 x magnification Contact & non-contact dermoscopy with polarized light Contact & non-contact dermoscopy with non-polarized light Smartphone & camera compatibility (IDS-1000 Plus only) N/B: Polarized to non-polarized (or reverse) mode is manually to change by turning the cone hood (light mode change dial). Polarization mode: 3 o’clock Non-polarization mode: 12 o’clock Differently from the Illuco IDS-1000 dermatoscope, contact plates for the IDS-1000 series are bonded to the cone hood. There are three different types of cone hood: Open top (with no contact plate) With contact plate (no scale) With scale contact plate Smartphone and Camera Compatibility: The only difference between “IDS-1000” and “IDS-1000Plus” is the smartphone and camera compatibility. Dermatoscope IDS-1000Plus offers smartphone,  mirrorless & compact camera compatibility. Use a smartphone to observe and photograph common skin lesions that are not complicated or difficult. If you need more detailed observations, use a camera to obtain dedicate and precise images. Note: the compatible mirrorless cameras are of Canon, Sony and Nikon. Technical Specifications:  Technical Specification IDS-1000 IDS-1000Plus Polarization Cross & Parallel Cross & Parallel Field of view 18 mm 18 mm Magnification 10 x 10 x Depth of field 1.5 1.5 Resolutuion 95 LP 95 LP LED 8 White LEDs 8 White LEDs Focus mode Fixed Fixed Battery Disposable Lithium 6V 2CR5 Disposable Lithium 6V 2CR5 Continuous duty time 8 hours 8 hours Camera & smartphone compatibility No Yes Contact & Non-contact examination Yes Yes Net dimension / weight 51 x 112 x 23 (mm) / 100g 51 x 112 x 23 (mm) / 110g Package dimension / weight 70 x 170 x 60 (mm) / 330g 70 x 170 x 60 (mm) / 330g   Click Here To Download Catalogue
    Sku: ZN2023139

    Illuco IDS-1000 Dermatoscope Plus

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