AVI Bilipod LED Phototherapy Unit
  • BILIPOD LED Double Surface Phototherapy Unit Sturdy Baby Trolley consists of – — Collapsible Acrylic Side Panels — Transparent Baby Tray with Bubble Mattress — Height Adjustment and Angle Adjustment for Overhead LED Module — Four Swivelling castor wheels with brakes Certified Also available – Bilipod Double Surface Phototherapy Unit with Detachable trolley
  • Uniform Light Distribution with 11 High Intensity LED Lamps uniform body coverage • Observation Lamp Two Observation White LEDs provide enough light to observe the color of baby’s skin • High Irradiance Levels Irradiance > 30 µW/cm²/nm enables faster bilirubin breakdown • Pin Drop Silent Operation zero noise cooling fan • Optimum Wavelength Range: 420 to 490 nm • Very Low Power Consumption of only 30W • Effective Surface Area : 40cm x 50cm
  • Life of Lamps – 30000 hours • Lamp Tilt up to 90° • Height Adjustability up to 50cm • Light Weight Lamp Unit weighs less than 3 Kg • Portable can be placed above Infant incubator or below the Infant Warmer Bassinet to give under surface Phototherapy • Sleek & Compact Lamp Unit Size : 45 x 30 x 5 cm takes minimum space • Timer: LCD Based Timer measuring Total Lamp Usage and Patient Timer
  • BiliProbe Irradiance Meter Handheld Irradiance (Flux) meter for measurement of the output of conventional Phototherapy Units. — Bandpass filter – 425nm to 475nm — Range: 0 to 200 uW/cm²/nm — Minimal Graduation: 1 uW/cm²/nm — Accuracy: ± 10% — Measuring Time: Approx 4-5 sec — Press to ON Switch — Battery: 9V Alkaline Phototherapy Eye PATCH has been designed to assure complete comfort, and eye protection for infants during Phototherapy Treatment — Adjustable Band for proper comfort and secure fit — Easy to use design — Large eye protection pad increases light protection — Single Piece wrap around design can be independently adjusted to prevent unwanted movement. — Available in 3 sizes – Preterm, Term and Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Patch
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