IV Poles Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel
Castors for easy movement
Base designs to allow units to pushed close to beds

Size: 870?530?920~1070mm

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  • Stainless Steel
  • Durable
  • Castors for easy movement
  • Base designs to allow units to pushed close to beds

Size: 870?530?920~1070mm

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With autoclavable collection vessel and system overlow valve, antibacterial and hydrophobic ilter, complete set of tube 8 x14mm, Conical probe Contact

Power supply: 230V ? 50Hz
Maximum aspiration ? controllable: -0.90 Bar / -90KPa / -675 mmHg
Flow maximum aspiraon60liters / min
Power consumption: 230 VA
Hedging 1 x 4 A 250V
Intermittent operation: Continuous

Braun Original Perfusor? ? Tubings For use with the Perfusor syring pumps

Luer Lock fitting enables compatibility to all pump syringes
Pressure proof up to 2 Bar
Type Standard is available in different lengths
Type Opaque (black) offers light protection
Type SafeSite? with BCV automates free-flow protection
while the syringe is outside the pump
Type Filter with 0,22 ?m Sterifix? filter
Type PCA with BCV for parallel infusion
Always DEHP-Free

tuttnauer Impulse Sealing Machines

Sterilization is effective only if the sterility of the instruments is preserved from the point of sterilization until they are used. The sealing process ensures that the instruments remain sealed after sterilization and maintain perfect sterility during their Automatic night mode shuto ffis a time and energy saver shelf-life. Our range of fast and reliable impulse sealers complies with the strictest quality and safety standards (DIN 58953-7). For rapid instrument turnaround we offer an automated range of rotary sealing machines.

HYC 260

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Mindray BS 240: Empowering Laboratories with Advanced Biochemistry Analysis

In the realm of biochemistry analysis, accuracy, efficiency, and versatility are paramount. The Mindray BS 240 is a state-of-the-art clinical chemistry analyzer that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, enabling laboratories to achieve exceptional results and streamline their workflows. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features and benefits of the Mindray BS 240, and how it can empower your laboratory to deliver precise and timely biochemical analyses.

  1. Superior Performance and Accuracy:

The Mindray BS 240 is equipped with advanced optical and electrochemical detection technologies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in biochemical analysis. The analyzer employs a wide range of assays, including routine chemistry, specific proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring, and more. With its exceptional precision, the BS 240 delivers reliable results that healthcare professionals can trust, enabling confident clinical decision-making.

  1. Comprehensive Test Menu:

With an extensive test menu, the Mindray BS 240 offers a wide range of clinical chemistry assays to cater to diverse laboratory needs. Whether it’s routine testing or specialized assays, the analyzer covers an extensive array of analytes, providing flexibility and versatility. This comprehensive test menu allows laboratories to consolidate their testing requirements onto a single platform, minimizing the need for multiple instruments and optimizing operational efficiency.

  1. High Throughput and Rapid Turnaround Time:

Efficiency is a crucial factor in laboratory operations. The Mindray BS 240 is designed to handle high sample volumes and deliver rapid results. Its innovative sample management system and intelligent sample tracking capabilities enable laboratories to process samples with speed and accuracy. With reduced turnaround time, healthcare providers can make faster diagnoses, resulting in enhanced patient care and satisfaction.

  1. User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Software:

The BS 240 features a user-friendly interface and intuitive software, making it accessible to laboratory technicians of varying experience levels. The system’s touchscreen display provides easy navigation and streamlined operation. Its intuitive software facilitates seamless integration with laboratory information systems (LIS) and offers advanced data management capabilities, ensuring efficient result reporting and data analysis.

  1. Enhanced Quality Control and Data Integrity:

Maintaining quality control and data integrity is essential in biochemistry analysis. The Mindray BS 240 is equipped with robust quality control features, including real-time monitoring, automatic calibration, and calibration verification. These functions ensure the accuracy and reliability of results, giving laboratories confidence in their analytical performance. The analyzer’s comprehensive data management system also enables easy traceability, audit trails, and compliance with regulatory standards.


The Mindray BS 240 is an advanced biochemistry analyzer that empowers laboratories with its superior performance, comprehensive test menu, high throughput capabilities, and user-friendly design. By leveraging the BS 240, laboratories can achieve accurate and timely biochemical analyses, leading to improved patient care and operational efficiency. Embrace the power of advanced biochemistry analysis with the Mindray BS 240 and elevate your laboratory’s capabilities to new heights.

Durable INS63-520 COREY


INS63 ? 520
Ovum Forceps ? Corey 24cm