Super Ortho Breathable Lumbar Support W/ 6 Stays

Product Code: A5-067

Supports the paralyzed and sprained back
Relieves lumbar pain caused by incorrect posture
Gives proper protection to the lumbar spine
Breathable materials with vents can provide comfort.
6 flexible stays correct lumbar alignment

Ideal to provide physical therapy and corrects lumbar alignment, it is very helpful for paralyzed sprained back, and gives proper protection to avoid second injury.
This product uses unique elastic traps with vents and mesh at back to provide good ventilation. 4 removable steel stays can be bent to suit for all body contours and the stays pouches with openings, it also can be removable as normal gentle back support to prevent the injury according to the indication become better. 2 short plastic in lateral back to give soft and flexible support, it will provide comfort while movement. The two side-pulls can be adjusted to fit the waist snugly and provide extra compression
Size Guide:

Circumference of Waist

22″~ 28″

27″~ 33″

32″~ 38″

37″~ 43″

42″~ 48″

Height: 26.3 cm

50% Polyester

25% Rubber

15% Nylon

10% Steel