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  • Features: Laser light multi-dimensional cell classification 34 parameters Up to 60 samples per hour SPECIFICATIONS BT-PRO 2300 34 Parameters: WBC, LYM%, MON%, NEU%, EOS%, BAS%, LYM#, MON#, NEU#, EOS#, BAS#, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW_CV, RDW_SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P_LCR, P_LCC, RETIC_ABS, IRF Research Parameters: ALY#, ALY% LIC#, LIC%, NRBC#, NRBC% 2 Histograms for RBC and PLT 2 Scatter grams: 5-part differential scatter gram Eosinophils and Moutrophils scatter gram 2-3-D stereograms Principles of Operation: WBC/DIFF: Flow Cytometry, Semi-conductor laser light multi-dimensional cell classification WBC Analysis: Optical and impedance measurements RBC/PLT Analysis: Impedance method HGB test: Cyanide-free reagent colorimetry Reagent: Diluent, Sheath, Detergent, Lyse Sampling modes: Whole blood: 20 µL, Pre-diluent: 20 µL Aperture Diameter: WBC 100µm  RBC/PLT 68µm Throughput: Whole blood: up to 60 samples per hour Pre-diluent: up to 60 samples per hour Data storage: Up to 200,000 sample results with grams Alarms: Error messages Display: 10.4 inches wit touch screen Size: L490mm x H332mm x W459mm Power: 250VA Weight: 35KG Click Here To Download Catalogue
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    BT 2300 5 Part Hematology Analyzer

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  • Features: 60 t/h 21 parameters Electrical impedance SPECIFICATIONS BT-PRO 2300 Throughput: 60 samples per hour Determinated Analyses: 21 Parameters and 3 Histograms WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#, LYM%, MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC Histogram: 3-part differentiation of WBC Principles of Measurement: WBC/RBC/PLT: Electrical Impedance HGB: Photoelectric colorimetry Sample Volume: Whole blood 10µL, Pre-dulited 20µL Storage Capacity: More than 100.000 sample results with histograms, Support USB data backup & system upgrade Aperture Diameter: WBC 100  µL, RBC/PLT 68 µL Dilution Ration: WBC/HGB  1:232 1:400,  RBC/PLT  1:40000  1:45000 Control and Calibration: Manual and auto-calibration system check Display: 10.4 inches color LCD display & Linux operation system, internal pr Connections: RS 232, Support LIS and HIS with HL7 protocol Printer: Internal 57mm internal printer, Parallel Port and USB for external printer Dimension: 330mm x 440mm x 500mm Reagent Pack: Diluent, Lyse, Cleaner   Click Here To Download Catalogue
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    BTpro 213 Part Hematology Analyzer

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    Hematology Analyzer Mindray BC-5000 With Accessories

    Original price was: ₦9,000,000.00.Current price is: ₦8,600,000.00.
    Original price was: ₦9,000,000.00.Current price is: ₦8,600,000.00. Add to cart Quick View
  • At zenrox, we pride ourselves on our dedication and experience in offering better solutions for small labs. Our new 3-part Mindray BC 11 hematology analyzer is the culmination of that effort. It provides small labs with more confidence in results and less turnaround time. Features CBC+3-DIFF, 20 parameters +3 Histograms Throughput: up to 30 samples per hour 8.4 inch TFT touch screen Only three reagents needed Open vial sampling Large storage capacity: up to 50,000 samples Original QC, calibrators and reagents
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    Hematology Analyzer Mindray BC 11

  • Combining the advanced technology of hematology analysis and latex immunoturbidimetry, BC-5390 CRP/BC-5310 CRP requires only 35μl blood from a single blood tube, to simultaneously provide results of WBC 5-part differentiation and FR-CRP at a throughput speed of 60 samples/hour. C-reactive protein (CRP) is an important diagnostic parameter to detect inflammation, monitor progress of inflammatory process or effectiveness of therapeutic treatment. The availability of CRP and WBC parameter data simultaneously can help with prompt differentiation of bacterial infections from viral infections. Features Dual CRP Analysis Channels for High Throughput Dual CRP analysis channels working together save waiting time of consecutive tests between hematology and CRP test, enabling a CBC+DIFF+CRP throughput of up to 60 samples per hour, which is the fastest in the industry for the same mode of measurement. Latex Immunoturbidimetric Technology Advanced and proven Latex Immunoturbidimetric technology plus two reagents can well guarantee the analyzing accuracy in fast dual-channel CBC+DIFF+CRP test. Powerful reagent New powerful reagent improves the 5-part WBC differentiation ability (especially in samples with high number of Eosinophils) and ability to process aged samples (maintained at ambient temperatures for up to 24 hours) NRBC parameters and flag BC-5390 CRP/BC-5310 CRP can flag “NRBC” research parameters called NRBC# and NRBC%, which represent respectively the number and ratio of the nucleated red blood cells, facilitating doctors with important diagnostic inferences. NLR parameter in each CBC+DIFF Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is calculated by dividing neutrophil count by lymphocyte count, usually from peripheral blood sample. In laboratory medicine, NLR is used as a marker of subclinical inflammation. According to clinical studies, NLR can be used as a prognostic factor of severe illness in COVID-19 patients.
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    Mindray BC-5390 CRP Automated Hematology Analyzer

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  • Product Specification Model Name/Number BC-6200 Operation Mode Fully Automatic Usage/Application Hospital Brand Mindray Display Digital Throughput 110 Tests per hour. Screen Type Touch Screen Product At Mindray, we seek to understand the needs of every customer, and deliver tailor-made solutions. In today’s laboratories, lab managers are looking for an analyzer with greater clinical values, such as higher flagging efficiency to reduce the ratio of microscopic examination, NRBC/RET/body fluid results generated in a small-footprint system, among others, all within limited budget. Mindray BC-6200 fulfills all these clinical requirements and exceeds your expectations! FeaturesWith the newly designed opticals and reagent systems, the SF Cube technology can help doctors to better differentiate the clusters of cells, which is the key to revealing more abnormal cells.NRBC result in every CBC In WNB scattergram, BC-6200 provides NRBC, Basophils and WBC-N* results. It means that the actual number of NRBCs can be measured in routine CBC, if they are present in the sample.Basophils are counted in this counting channel with NRBC results. Basophil and NRBC results are generated on BC-6200 without extra reagent or cost. More accurate RET and PLT-O result  By utilizing the new fluorescent dye, the reticulocytes and platelets are more specific stained with stronger fluorescent signal, that brings a more accurate reticulocyte and platelet results. Automatic Rerun & Reflex  Should the sample results trigger the criteria, the autoloader of BC-6200 can return the sample racks for an automatic rerun or reflex check. Less testing time  BC-6200 can load up to 50 samples at a time and offers a throughput of up to 110 tests per hour. Low sample volume  BC-6200 requires less sample volume as well as reagent consumption. For a CBC+DIFF test with NRBC result, BC-6200 only requires 80μL of whole blood and 35 μL of capillary blood.
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    Mindray BC-6200 Auto Hematology Analyzer

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  • 40 reportable parameters, 19 research parameters, 4 scattergrams (3D), 7 scattergrams (2D), 3 histograms; SF Cube Cell Analysis Technology (flow cytometry combined with laser scatter and fluorescence) and Focusing Flow-DC method; Autoloader capacity of 100 sample tubes with random & continuous loading; Throughput up to 125 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF); Maximum sample consumption of 200 μl in autoloader mode; Body fluid analysis in manual mode (cerebrospinal fluid and serous fluids -peritoneal and pleural); Data storage capacity of 100,000 patient results including all numeric and graphical information; Ability to flag abnormal cells based on customizable decision rules; Re-exam rules to pull out abnormal samples for further checking; Supports bi-directional LIS connection with communication protocols HL7 or ASTM; No daily maintenance.
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    Mindray BC-6800 Auto Hematology Analyzer

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  • Product Specification Automation Fully Automatic Brand Mindray Usage/Application Laboratory Differential Type 5-Part Number Of Chambers 2 Number Of Parameters HCT Parameters RBC Model Name/Number BC700 Series User Input Touch Type Of Blood Analyzer Hemoglobin Analyzer Sample Mode Whole Blood, Capillary, Pre-Diluted Calibration 7 Point Chamber Type Dual Chamber Product We Are Excited to Announce that We Are Going to Launch a New Breakthrough Innovation, the Bc-700 Series Auto Hematology Analyzer Which Incorporates Both Cbc and Esr Analysis. The Bc-700 Series Is by Far One of The Most Powerful, Innovative and Compact All-In-One Hematology Analyzers in The Market. with Its Newest Parameters, the Analyzer Provides a High-End Analysis Platform for Small to Medium-Sized Laboratories, Allowing Mindray to Take Another Huge Step Towards Fulfilling Our Mission, Healthcare Within Reach.
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    Mindray BC-700 Series Auto Hematology Analyzer

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