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  • UBM Machine Features: 1.Linear scan and handheld probe 2.Sulcus to sulcus measurement 3.Full image mode and angle image mode display 4.AOD and ACA measurement 5.PDF report output Technical Specification: Frequency 50MHz/35MHz(optional) Scanning Mode Linear Scanning Scanning Range 16mm*9mm; 10mm*6.5mm Image Resolution(full screen) 50um Output PDF report output Scanning Lines 1024 lines, 15 um between each, high density & high resolution Geometry Distortion Linear scan, no distortion, no compensation, undistorted image Probe Multi-Dimension, precise locating articulated arm Probe Multi-Dimension, precise locating articulated arm Measurement Distance, angle , perimeter , area Display colors 12 false colors Display Mode UBM, UBM A Magnify Special independent ultrasound magnifies system, better image in Anterior Segment. Eye Fixation Unique Eye position and LED system Working Platform Windows XP, VISTA, WINDOWS7 Image Process Length, angle measurements
    Sku: ZN2023245

    UBM Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Machine

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