Apexbio Eclipse A1c Glycoslated Hemoglobin Meter

The Eclipse A1c offers a fast and easy way to measure HbA1c in a physician’s office setting or long term care facility where speed and convenience counts most. HbA1c can be measured in just 3 simple steps and the result is certified by National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Protocol (NGSP) to ensure accuracy.
Key Features

1. Method: Immunoassay
2. Measurement Range (mg/dL): 4-14% HbA1c
3. Sample Volume: 1μL
4. Analysis time: 5 minutes
5. Memory Capacity: 500 tests with date and time
6. Light Source: LED
7. Power supply: Switching power adapter 6V 2A
8. Interface: USB/printer port
9. Precision: CV < 4% (at HbA1c normal range) 10. Size: 236x163x85mm Content 1. HbA1c reaction strip 2. Test tube with reaction solution 3. Micropipette Specification: Measurement Range: 4-14% HbA1c Testing Time (seconds): 5 – 6 minutes Sample Volume (μL): >0.5 µL
Weight (g) without Batteries: 1200g
Memory Capabilities: 250 memory sets with date and time
Data Output: Dedicated port for printer, USB and optional barcode scanner
Dimension (mm): D248mm x W162mm x H95mm
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