BC32 Automated Blood Culture

The BC32 Automated Blood Culture Systems are designed to accurately detect and recover microorganisms from blood and normally sterile body fluids (SBF). Runtime detection and sophisticated algorithms minimize false negatives and shorten time to positive detection.

More Compact
More Cost-Effective
More Easily Controlled

Capacity: 32 Culture Bottle
Equipped with built-in computer and touch screen

Barcode scanning input
Colorimetric technology

Designed to detect microbial from blood specimen or sterile body fluid

Automated continuous monitoring for every 10 minutes for each bottle by independent detection sensor

Real-time display od incubation temperature and reaction chart

Flexible and quick historical data query and statistic functions
Operating Temp: 5~300C
Operating Humidity: <80%% Voltage: AC100-240V   Click Here To Download Catalogue


  • More Compact
  • More Cost-Effective
  • More Easily Controlled
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