Mindray WATO EX-65/65 Pro Anesthesia Machines

The main unit includes Ventilator, ACGO, electronic low meters and 1 backup low meter, breathing circuit with 1 Co2 absorber, 2 drawers, LED light, alarm light, 1 lithium battery (60 min).
Wato 55 had a Color LCD screen of 8.4 inches
Wato 65 has a similar screen size of 10.4 inches.
Volume controlled ventilation with a tidal volume range of 20 – 1500 ml making it suitable for patients of any age from infant to adult
Electronic low meters for O2, N2O and Air with a back tube for the emergency.
Supports up to 2 vaporizer positions
An electronically controlled, pneumatically driven ventilator
Modular design monitoring for anaesthetic agents, paramagnetic oxygen, Etco2 and BIS measurement
Intelligent alarm management permanent silent volume/ apnea alarm.
Breathing circuit fully autoclavable at 134 degrees C and nature latex free
Breathing circuit is easy to disassemble and assemble all the components and hence convenient for cleaning and maintenance