Durable Bed Pan Male Std. Size


Bed Pan ? Perfaction type Std Size




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H-BP0150 Bed Pan ? Perfaction type Std Size
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The sturdy aluminum frame is strong enough to hold up to 400 pounds.
Three adjustable straps with quick-release buckles ensure the patie t?s comfort and safety.
Non-slip grips on the rear and front handles help rescuers maneuver the Aluminum Stair Chair easily.
Compact folding allows you to stow the stair chair in the ambulance without taking up a lot of space.
Chair is designed to help EMTs-Paramedics transport patients through tight spaces and up or down stairs.


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SynoVent E5 is a modern instrument which is used as a ventilation system for patients. The highly technological advancement of the device allows interfacing according to the requirements of the patients which is simple and can be used easily. The settings of the ventilator can be controlled easily with the help of display screen. The screen is innovatively designed to meet the needs of the patients. The screen is capable of display 25 parameter that is monitored and also display 2 loops or 4 simultaneous waveforms. The touch screen technology in the display and direct access knobs help the user to quickly learn the functioning of the device which help the user to use the instrument more effectively for clinical purposes. The tidal volumes that are provided by ventilator have the range between 20-200 ml through which both the infant and adult are able to get the medical care through the instrument. 14 modes of ventilation is supported by the device.