Electric Dermatome

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Electric Dermatome
Technical Parameters:
1. Skin Graft Thickness: 0-0.75 mm in 0.05 mm increment, the skin thickness

adjusting button is unilateral adjustment, with high stability and no need

calibrate to zero.

2. Skin Graft Width: 2.5~10.2cm,4 size width plates:2.5cm,5.1cm,7.6cm,10.2cm.

  Note: Special size width plate can be customized according to requirements.

3. The blade has self-lubricating function and is easy to load and unload. It can move

back and forth smoothly to prevent metal to metal collision.

4. Original imported motor, low inertia electric motor will hardly produce any

vibration when rotating, rotate speed: 4500-5000rpm.

5. Hand held control, easy to operate; handle with contact switch design, safety to use.

6. Exclusive design of pulled and plugged handle connection line, easy to use. (the

length of handle connection line is greater than 3m)

7. Power supply: 220V±10% AC automatic switching, 150/60Hz single phase. Output 14.5V DC, 4.3A.

8. Degree of prevention of liquid entry: IPXO.

9. Sterilization Method: Sterilization Mode: pre-vacuum and gravity displacement steam sterilization or low temperature plasma sterilization can be conducted in whole machine and power cord. And the power cord can be pulled and plugged.