IISM VPism-D (Desk Type) Vein Probe

The iiSM VPism-D Vein Probe – Desk Unit includes a camera, touchscreen display, desk stand, power supply, and instruction manual. This device is a non-invasive infrared device mounted to a desk stand, and allows physicians to view blood vessels and capillaries just beneath the skin. The iiSM VPism-D Vein Probe – Desk Unit provides accurate placement of needle injections or other vascular treatments, such as for blood draws, catheters, or varicose veins. The touchscreen enables caregivers to zoom in and out of injection sites (up to 4x magnification), as well as pause and start live video. The infrared video shows the location of the veins and capillaries in real time, and can save images for their records. For patients who have difficult-to-find veins, this device will save them from incorrect or painful injection sites.The desk unit is collapsible for storage and easy to reassemble. It’s portable with a height-adjustable camera, and an armrest for the patient’s arm (recommended that hygienic pads are used for each patient, for a clean, sterile environment). For patients where veins are deeper than the surface level, physicians can use the SLism-F Specialized Light Source (sold separately) for a closer look.
Probe Target: Subcutaneous blood vessels of various patients (including capillaries)
Probe Method: Non-invasive infrared technology
Probe Depth: Within 10 mm under the skin
Magnification Function: Up to 1X, 2X and 4X
Automatic Adjustment Function: Adjusts the brightness automatically based on the targeted vein
Specialized Light Function: Shows the veins more clearly by using the specialized light source
Operation Method: Easy to operate with touchscreen
Internal Battery Support: Continuous running time: 1.5 hours
Warranty: 1 year
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