KEDEE KD-3358 Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome

The Semi-automatic Microtome KD-3358 provides utmost reliability, user benefit and outstanding operator comfort. The high section stability and precision turn this instrument into an universal multipurpose microtome for highest demands on sectioning paraffin as well as for medicine and industry. The cutting motor drive allows precise sectioning, ensuring good reproducibility.  The large section thickness range from 0.25 µm to 60 µm is divided into fine sectioning and trim sectioning. You can easily switch between these two ranges, even while sectioning. 
◆ This product adopts a streamline design, and possesses advanced features with stable performance and easy operation;
◆ Specimen feed drive is controlled by an intelligent, high precision control system, enabling semi-ultrathin slicing, starting from a thickness of 0.25μm;
◆ Specimen feeding drive utilizes an intelligent control system, it has high precision on cutting
◆ Advanced drive systems; multiple functions including sectioning, trimming, fast forward, fast backward, conversion etc.;
◆ Adopts imported cross-roller guide rails and a screw motion mechanism to ensure precision, thus achieving superior sectioning performance;
◆ LCD screen shows section and trimming thickness, number of sections and trims;
◆ Sectioning and trimming are completed through the control system;
◆ equipped with a safety alert system, drive-overload protection mechanism and an automatic standby protection mechanism;
◆ Easy and fast switching between different specimen clamps (two options: paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp);
◆ Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure the safety and convenience of operation;
◆ Blade holder can be laterally moved to avoid moving the blade with direct contact, thereby utilizing the entire length of blade (three different segments);
◆ The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables the easy changing of the blade;
◆ Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure the safety and convenience of sectioning;
◆ Large-volume waste tray is easy to remove, and items such as deposable blades can be stored on the top of the housing.
Technical Specifications:

Section Thickness Setting Range: 0 – 60μm

Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 0 – 100μm

Section thickness adjustment:

0 – 1μm increment 0.25μm

1 – 10μm increment 1μm

10 – 20μm increment 2μm

20 – 60μm increment 5μm

Total Horizontal Specimen Feed:26 mm

Vertical Specimen Stroke: 52 mm

Specimen Clamp Rotation: any angle within 360 degrees

Specimen Orientation: XY – 8°

Automatic return of specimen

Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 0.25μm

Maximum Specimen Size:50×50mm

Precision Error: ±1%

Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz

Power: 150W

Dimensions: 585×410×300mm(W×D×H)

Net weight: 28kg